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Domestic Violence Elements and Charges

"Domestic Violence" is a term to illustrate the relationship between the parties, but it does not describe the exact criminal charge. Domestic violence occurs when the parties are dating, married or were dating or married in the past. The allegations range from the simple misdemeanor of a push to the most serious allegation of murder.

Here is a list of domestic violence offenses seen charged in Orange County:

PC (Penal Code) 243(e)(b)      - domestic battery without an injury
PC 273.5                                      - domestic battery with injury
PC 236                                          - false imprisonment
PC 166.4                                      - disobeying a restraining order
PC 422                                          - threatening death or bodily injury
PC 591                                          - tampering with a phone line
PC 646.9                                      - stalking
PC 245                                          - assault with great bodily injury
PC 207                                          - kidnapping
PC 261/262                                  - rape
PC 187                                          - murder

Domestic violence is a serious charge with long-lasting consequences: 1) restraining
orders may be issued so that you cannot see your family or live in your house; 2) you may remain in jail and sentenced to additional jail or prison time; 3) a year-long costly and timely class may be imposed; 4) you may lose your constitutional right to bear arms; 5) you may lose your right to vote; 5) you may be labeled as a "wife beater" and have a criminal record. Serious consequences require an experienced Orange County criminal defense attorney to aggressively fight for your rights.



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